Monday, January 02, 2006


When I was in College, I learned how to read the tarot as a hobby. I even did some readings for friends. However, I stopped when I had this scary experience of feeling what one of my friends felt. Empathy or claivorance, whatever it was, it was weird. Moreover, my religion frowns on fortune telling and being the obedient girl that I am, I packed my tarot cards in its box, wrapped them in a silk scarf (to preserve the energy) and buried it under my stuff.

Even if I haven't opened the box in years, I can still remember what the cards represent and if I can remember it right (hmm...might as well check my trusty tarot book), five is not a good number. It is a number of uncertainty. Things may turn out good, or it may turn out bad. The five of wands mean obstacles. Five of cups mean sorrow. Five of swords, defeat. Five of pentacles (coins), destitution. Of course, there are ways to go around these, but nevertheless, the presence of those cards in a reading is an omen as it is.

Maybe that's why 2005 was so unremarkable. Am no numerology master, but there was a number "5" in last year's numbers so I assume it's a year of the "5". Uncertainty definitely prevailed that year. There were horrible things that happened, yet there were uplifting moments to draw us from the septic tank of despair.

On the other hand, 2006 looks better than 2005. Again, I assume this because of the presence of "6". Six is the number for balance and equilibrium. The six of wands mean good news; Six of cups entail happiness; Six of swords, journey; Six of pentacles, sharing of prosperity.

Nevertheless, numerology and tarot cards aside, I still feel that this year will be a good one. Yes, bad things will still happen, but things will turn out for the better. When you're down in the pit, there's no way to go but up.

Up, we will definitely go.


chompy said...

if you want to share thoughts on Tarot cards, and other stuff, you may want to check out the blog of a friend of mine, Lico ( he does it too. :)

cess said...

wag namaaan. june 5 ang bday ng panganay ko. 2005 pinanganak ang bunso ko.

Ivy said...

kapikon...i was posting my comment wen something went wrong sa connection ko so nawala...eto uli hehehehe

HULAAN MO KO...PLEASE PLEASE have no idea how i am sooo into fortunetelling....i made pahula from this girl last dec 30...super fave ko sya maski na hard to find sya kasi 75% of her hula sa akin in the past nagkatotoo lahat.......

i do agree 2005 SUCKS big time pero with the coming year i am super hopeful...super excited parang feeling ko it will be better for everyone!!

rmacapobre said...

year of the dog na!