Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Last Song Syndrome

Leo and I went to Ruins last Sunday where I got myself a PCD of MYMP and Bo Bice. I listened to Bo Bice first since ever since I heard his awesome voice at AI, I knew I have to have his album. Good thing I got the PCD since the album is absolutely no good. It's such a waste of his talent. I also heard a cut out of Carrie's album and it also sucks!

Anyway, Bo Bice only got one turn in my CD player then I put in MYMP. I loved all their covers and one particular song made me put it in repeat. The original version is sung by Jennifer Love-Hewitt (I still can't believe she can sing) and is entitled "No Ordinary Love". I don't know what made me play it over and over again, but I just love the song. It's a very mushy song but what the heck, I love it :)

No Ordinary Love

This could have been just another day
But instead we're standing here
No need for words, it's all been said
in the way you hold me near
I was alone on this journey
You came along to comfort me
Everything I want in life is right here


This is not your ordinary
no ordinary love
I was not prepared enough
to fall so deep in love
This is not your ordinary
no ordinary love
You were the first to touch my heart
Made everything right again
with your extraordinary love


I get so weak
when you look at me
I get lost inside your eyes
sometimes the magic is hard to believe
but you're here before my weary eyes
you brought joy to my world
set me so free
I want you to understand
you are every breath that I breathe


From the very first time that we kissed
I knew that I just couldn't let you go at all
From this day on, remember this:
That you're the only one that I adore
Can't we make this last forever
This can't be a dream
cause it feels so good to me

[Chorus x2]


I came home early today. Leo has a class so I had to find a way to go home early. I was ready to take the shuttle when Leo said he'll ask his sister if I can hitch a ride with them. I was a bit shy about it first but he told me it's ok. I walked to Enterprise at 530 pm where Leo's brother-in-law, Chris, works and we picked up Leo's sister, Tricie, at Citibank. Apparently, today is the rare times that they go home early since it's the birthday of their son, Jack. Good for me too since I only live a couple of blocks away from their house so they dropped me off first with me being home by 7 pm.

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Norrie Blackeby said...

Have you listened to James Blunt? He's a young British singer.Other young Brit artists are Kate Tunstall and Katie Mehlua. Very good indeed.