Sunday, January 15, 2006

Driving Ms. Sunshine (next 5 hours)

Ok, am still alive so I guess I survived my driving classes. I now know how to parallel park and do that "hanging" thing. Am so glad. I still need more practice though. Maybe next week, I can borrow my aunt's trooper--it's stick shift.

This time around, my instructor just took me around the Las Pinas area. He made sure that I can hold my own in traffic and pasaway drivers. Though I could barely understand him, am grateful that he guided me through the throng of people and jeepneys. We passed through a couple of marketplaces and malls. Not to mention being a jeepney and bus thoroughfare. I had my taste of lawless drivers and it really takes nerves of steel just to drive through the streets of Manila. I had to hold back curses whenever a jeepney would swerve to my lane or even meet me head on!

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