Sunday, January 08, 2006

Driving Ms. Sunshine 2006 (Next 3 hours)

My lesson yesterday was only for two hours and we only stayed in the Paranaque/Las Pinas area. Since my lesson was 3 hours today, my driver instructor (a new one today) decided to take me further. Since I needed more practice in turning, he directed me into Better Living (from Sucat). If you're not familiar with that shortcut, it's a way full of twists and turns. Rest assured my turning was well-practiced there.

We got out at Bicutan and entered the service road going North. I was more confident this time and I actually reached 60 kph! I was surprised I reached that speed but felt very happy about it. Next thing I know, the instructor asked me to enter South Superhighway through Villamor. If I wasn't too busy observing the road and listening to my instructor, I would've freaked out already! I wanted to freak out more when he instructed me to go to EDSA through the Magallanes interchange. I thought I was going to have a heart attack but he encouraged me to forge on. Next thing I know, we were turning right at Boni Serrano and going to Project 4! He also asked me to make a three point turn on a busy road!!! Gah! Thank goodness the car did not stall. Haha! Success!

We went back to Paranaque via NAIA and Multinational Road. He wanted me to go through those twists and turns again. At least the car is not stalling as much as it did before. The car stalls if I let go of the clutch too quickly without pressing on the gas pedal. Valuable lessons learned today: letting go of the clutch up to its working level, full brake on busy intersections, do not swerve at NAIA and Magallanes Interchange due to the presence of the strict "chocolate boys".

Today was a good lesson. I now learned first-hand why some people complain if they drive too long. I drove straight for 3 hours that when I got off the car, my right knee was hurting like hell and I was limping. It took awhile before I managed to walk the stiffness out. Next week, we're going to tackle parking and probably practice on my "hanging" more.


Norrie Blackeby said...

Oh no! Beware of the parallel parking curse. That's the bane of my driving experience. Good luck!

Ivy said...

goodluck with the parking esp the parallel parking...i hated that before

rmacapobre said...

long drives are normally therapeutic. imagine driving near the coast. the sun and wind on your face. and billie holiday singing dont explain.

in this country, however, its stressful with the traffic, the roads, and the quality of drivers using them.