Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

My previous post was supposed to be my "Year End Reflection" but I ended up talking about numbers and tarot. I'll just let that be.

Just let me talk about my weekend as I haven't been able to access the internet since my sister spent the weekend over. Since I haven't spent time with her in ages, I left my permanent spot in front of my laptop and re-bonded with her. She is, after all, my twin sister.

Last Dec. 30, I went to Mandaluyong to attend the 2nd birthday party of one of my god-daughters. That's her in the picture. Her name is Elisha and she's the daughter of my friends from SFC (Willie and Tina). She had her birthday at Jollibee and being the frustrated Jollibee-partier that I am, I went gaga when the Jollibee mascot made its appearance. I had to restrain myself from shoving the kids aside and get my photo op with the mascot. From the way parents and kids went crazy over Jollibee's appearance, akala mo si Aga Muhlach na yung lumabas. Haha. That is Jollibee's edge over McDonald's. McD's mascots just make an appearance during parties and does nothing. While Jollibee dances, poses and even wishes the celebrant a happy birthday (I've already memorized the birthday wishes. Hehe). Eventually though, I got a couple of shots. Pardon the shots though. Pics are from my cellphone camera. Am still a bit sore of not being able to celebrate my 30th birthday at Jollibee. That was my original plan, but had to scrap it due to budget constraints.

After the party, I met up with Cheryll (who's tummy seems to grow bigger everytime I see her. Good thing she's giving birth at the end of this month) and Mhon together with Claudine to do some baby-paraphernalia shopping. We shopped for baby clothes (I paid for some of their purchases as my gift for them), baby bottles and diaper bags. I also bought Chloe a dress. Claudine came home with her afterwards as she's spending the New Year here. Mhon and Cheryll dropped us off at the Ayala Terminal and we fortunately caught the last shuttle going home.

December 31, we spent the day at home. However, I spent New Year's Eve with Leo and his family. I missed my family though and felt a bit guilty for leaving them. My friends justified that I did spend New Year's Eve with my "future" family. Might as well get used to it. Besides, Leo did spend Christmas Eve with my family. And I spent January 1 here at home cleaning my room.

Returned to work today and cleaned up my workstation. It felt like Christmas since there were people who left gifts on my table. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that people go home early now since our workload have normalized. That's very good news indeed.

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chompy said...

you have a twin sister? cool! sometimes i wish i had one too! :)i know about jolibee mascots, poor guys though, coz its very hot in the suit and they have to dance and frolic and hug kids.. hehehe..

chompy here by the way. ;)