Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Start of Goodbye

I can't believe that in three month's time, my twin sister will be leaving the country permanently. Her husband (a Fil-Am), had her petitioned when they got married a couple of years ago. I received word that her K-3 visa was approved sometime this week. She just needs to wait for the embassy to call her for the interview. If things go as planned, she'll be leaving on April.

I was happy for her when I heard the news. She's been apart from her husband for more than a couple of years and only seeing him once a year. It's a big struggle for her as well as her husband. On the other hand, I feel saddened as this will be the start of my siblings' exodus to the US. My other sister will just be taking the nurse board exam this year and other exams necessary to work in the US and when she gets accepted, she'll be leaving as well together with her family. My brother also found work at as an IT person with an IT company that has a branch in the US (which my uncle partly owns/works). So it's not far that he'll be leaving as well.

My mom asked me if I would also want to follow as she'll have me petitioned. I told her that Leo wants to stay here and taking Ruth's famous words in mind, I'll stay here as well. Home is where the heart is and my heart is with Leo (awwww).

My siblings will be leaving to live their own lives with their new families. I should concentrate on doing that as well. My siblings and I have gone through much these past years, especially with the separation of our parents. I guess I got so used to taking care of them that it hurts to let go. Now I know half of what a parent must be feeling whenever their kids go out into the world and do their thing. My siblings are doing their own things and it's about time that I step back and let go.

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