Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Biggest Loser

I used to blame my job for my current weight. Ever since I joined my employer, I gained 10 lbs in each year of service. That's a total of 50 lbs in the last five years. Alarming, I know. That's why I decided it's high time I lose weight. I also realized that I have no one to blame for my weight gain but myself. The bank did not force me to consume all those junk food and high-cal treats (well, indirectly, they did!), but it was my choice to eat like there was no tomorrow.

This blog will document my current diet and the weight that I have lost. Am already in my second week of documentation and things do look promising. I'll try to update every week to see how I progress. And if I'm masipag enough, I'll even do the whole graph thing!

Good luck to me!

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JC Sobejana said...

so its almost 1 year of many lbs did you lose?