Saturday, January 28, 2006

Die PLDT, Die

I have whined again and again how inefficient PLDT, my DSL provider is. And once again, they demonstrate why I hate them so much. Argh! I hate it that I have no choice with regards to DSL providers. They're the only DSL provider in my area of residence!

I am DSL-less for the past six days. I would not have mind but I have a paper that is due by Tuesday and I have to do lots of research. I have called the so-called service hotline more than once and they said they need to check the connection and they'll get back to me as soon as possible. The tech support person I talked to even said that they'll tag the request as urgent since it's been quite a long time already. Now, I have to do my researches and downloads via PLDT-vibe with speeds that leaves much to be desired. I MISS MY DSL!!!

Anyway, I created another blog with would document my weight loss regimen. I did that to spare my friends from the gruesome details of my body measurements.

I also went to my derma this morning for consultation regarding my stretch marks (since I'm losing weight, the stretch marks are coming out in full force), dark spots on my neck and nape and some allergies. Apparently, my body is reacting from the weight loss and medication that am taking causing all these skin abnormalities. Gosh, I do hope I get to lose all these weight. It'll be nice to fit into clothes that are < size 10. Moreover, if I do get married, I want to be able to wear my dream gown. And it takes a really nice body to get into the gown that I envision.


On a positive note, my sister Cheryll, gave birth last Tuesday, to a really healthy baby boy. Miguel Lorenzo David Hermosura was born through normal delivery weighing 8.8 lbs (4 kgs). We all cringed when we learned the birth weight. The birth must've been very hard for my sister seeing how large the baby is. The baby is indeed very cute and I'm a very proud auntie again. I keep on staring at the photos admiring how handsome my nephew is. Our bloodline is also very obvious with this baby. He absolutely looks like a David!


cess said...

can you please give me details why the dsl service is bad?(perhaps another post just for that?) does yours have an antenna? i followed up my application, and i was told they couldnt approve it because there was no port in our place, but they could put up an antenna for an additional fee of 1thou.

cute baby! congrats to the family! pwedeng mo na namang tawaging anak mo yan! :)

rmacapobre said...

globelines is the same way. maybe even worse. i had a problem with my connection when i tried to setup a static IP. i had to live without broadband for 3 weeks.