Saturday, January 07, 2006

Driving Ms. Sunshine (2006)

The last time I drove a car was December 2004, and I almost got into an accident. This made me forget about driving and considered not ever learning how to drive. Last month I enrolled at a formal driving school (A-1) and hopefully they would help me get over my fear of driving and really help me get the hang of it. And who knows? I might get a car plan in the future.

I arrived at the agreed meeting place at 7 am sharp. My instructor gave me additional pointers and we were off. I drove a manual silver toyota corolla (or was that an altis?).

I had problems getting out of the parking space and onto the street. It was a very busy street and I held up traffic for a few minutes since I was letting go of the clutch too early thus stalling the car. It took a few tries but I managed to get out of President's Avenue and into Sucat Road. Yes, Sucat Road. Me, a person not used to traffic and am already in Sucat Road fighting for road space with the pasaway jeepneys. I figured it's only 7 am so not much cars in the road yet. But no relaxation yet for me. My instructor told me to turn right at the Service Road of South Superhighway. That increased my pulse rate but I hurried on. Come to think of it, it was quite hilarious actually. I was travelling along service road going South at 20 mph. Whenever I would see the speedometer hit 40, I'll ease up on the gas pedal until I'm at 20 again. We turned right at Alabang-Zapote road and again, more scary jeepneys to shake my confidence. I was alright until we reached the corner of BF Resort (I think that's Pulanglupa area already) where there was quite a traffic build-up. Now I know why people don't like driving stick shift. My left leg almost developed a cramp from all the pushing and lifting and at heavy traffic, it can be an uncomfortable feeling. We drove on until we got to their driving course. I did ok until I got to the inclined curve. The car kept on stalling and I almost bumped into the wall. Good thing the instructor was such a cool character that he barely cringes whenever I do something wrong.

The lesson was only for a couple of hours and I learned quite a bit from that two hours. I have a three hour session tomorrow and I hope it can give me more practice and confidence on my driving.


cess said...

sa una lang yan. pretty soon hahataw ka na rin :D

Norrie Blackeby said...

This is an entertaining blog. It is absolutely hilarious because it reminded me of the time I first learned how to drive. I learned to drive on a Ford Fiera diesel with a clutch like a vise! Go on you can do it. Driving is an important life skill--especially in the city.