Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Day-offs are meant for relaxation but I had none of that today.

I had to take the day-off to take care of wedding matters. We accomplished 4 things today and it only took me/us until 3 pm.

I got home past midnight last night to finish some work as I'm out of the office today. I woke up past 6 today and Leo picked me up around 830. We then proceeded to the City Hall of Muntinlupa to file for our marriage certificate. Even with the amount of people in the area, we managed to finish filling up forms and paying the fees involved in less than an hour.

We then drove to Asian Hospital for my check-up with my OB-Gyne. I blanched when she told me the shots that I need in preparation for my pregnancy (at my age, I need to get pregnant as soon as possible after the wedding!). I need to get shots for Hepa (3 shots!!!), MMR (she was surprised I do not have this) and Flu vaccine. I don't mind the cost. I just don't like shots.

After having lunch at Festival Mall, Leo dropped me off at Cecil's for my fitting. I dread going to his shop at first as I think I gained weight and I don't know what I would do if I won't fit into my gown. Thank God I still managed to squeeze into it (with the help of two assistants). Pictures are in the Photos folder.

They sewed on that delicated material around my shoulders which covers part of my upper arm. We're still debating on making it longer to cover most of my upper arms but Cecil was adamant to keep it at that. They also pinned on that thing around my waist which is also part of the train. It's really beautiful looking at it from the back. The train is detachable by the way.

There will be beading on the bodice and embroidery (I think) on the train. I'll have another fitting sometime July to see the effect. Hopefully by that time, we've settled the issue with regards to my "sleeves".

After spending an hour at Cecil's, I took a cab going to Printsonalities, our invitations supplier. I had to finalize the proofs today if we're going to get our invites by mid-July. As it was only me, I hope I did not miss anything important. No typos please!

I was done by 3 pm. I can't believe we were able to do so much today. Hopefully everything will go as planned. We'll be having our canonical interview with the parish priest on Tuesday. I'll probably switch my leave from whole day to half day. I need all the leaves for the wedding!

I still need to finalize our guest list. It seems we're going to breach our 250 mark and might even reach 300! Hopefully it won't be too crowded in the ballroom. I'm trying to limit my guests to less than 150 to give Leo's family more leeway. They deserve a bigger share of the guests list pie.

My counter say that the wedding is 2 months and 5 days away. Soon, we're hitting the two month mark and I'll probably be trying hard not to panic. I'm so looking forward to the occasion and quite excited about it. :)

2nd Wedding Gown Fitting

During the second fitting, Cecil and his very able team sewed on that thing on my shoulders and the ecru whatever satin around my skirt. I dread going first to Cecil's today as I think I gained weight. Thank God I still fit in my gown!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

To Be or Not To Be

We had prepared for this audit for the past 14 months and I'm glad to say that all our hard work paid off. My boss and I were in high spirits when I left the office last night. We're just waiting for our grade but from the looks of it, the results are favourable. I'm just so glad that it's over! This is not the last and for sure, there are others coming but the reason why this was so relevant to me was that I had one item which was my responsibility. It was my main source of stress for the past 12 months and I'm just so very very glad to hand it over to my successor.

I prefer the stress of my current position as bragging aside, I could do the work with my eyes closed. It's the daily decision making that continue to challenge me--is my current capacity enough to do the day's work? Do I have to render overtime? Does my staff have to render overtime? Now that the audit is over, I can focus myself more on improving processes, encouraging people and managing expectations.

A couple of Fridays ago, I had lunch with my boss. She's a working mom and though she has thought of retiring, she never could bring herself to do so. She said that she will miss the challenges and she'll probably get bored. It made me rethink why I've been telling Leo that I would rather be a stay-at-home mom. He does not agree with my idea as he believes that I'll get bored as I'm used to the fast life. Moreover, it'll be difficult to provide a good lifestyle for our children if he's the only one who will be working. I told him that I'll only file for early retirement if I have my own business to attend to. So I guess that's our deal. Next question would be, what's a nice business to go into. I've always wanted to have my own grocery, maybe I could start with that. Hehe.

I've always envied stay at home moms (SAHM). Though I'm sure their life is not as laid-back and glamorous as I think they are, I just like the thought that they get to see their children almost 24/7 and spend more time with them. They get to see their children grow up and they get to play an influential part in their children's lives.

I have a friend who's a SAHM. She shared with me the initial difficulty of being a SAHM--from dealing with friends and relatives who say that she just wasted her college education, to dealing with the daily difficulties of being the only one in the house to watch over her two growing children. I love hearing about her SAHM stories during our annual (or semi-annual) get-togethers or through her blog.

Come to think of it, being a SAHM will not waste a college education and would even make one eligible for a masteral degree! Running a household and rearing children and taking care of a husband entails superior managing skills. You have to be good in financing and budgeting and you should be able encourage/influence people to do what you want them to do.

Right now, I'm still trying to establish myself and finding my place in the corporate world. I'm happy with my current level and I'm not aiming for the highest position in the company. I'm just going to give the best that I can and be the best manager that my bosses molded me to be, and when I get married and have a family of my own, I'm going to give the best that I can and be the best wife, mother, daughter that my parents raised me to be. I just hope I can balance the two.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Showbiz Sunday

Leo observed yesterday that I've grown fond of watching showbiz talkshows. He said that before, I hated watching The Buzz or any TV show with a showbiz talkshow theme. I just laughed. I guess a leopard can change its spots.

I really did hate watching The Buzz before. I hated Boy Abunda, Christy Fermin and especially Kris Aquino with a passion. I felt that they were wasting the time of the people for talking about the lives of others. But now, I've grown fond of Tito Boy, a bit cool towards Nanay Christy and a bit mixed about Kris.They definitely know what entertainment is all about.

I really don't know what made me watch The Buzz on a regular basis. Maybe because I did not want to be left out of the discussions at work. There was a time I would even alternate with The Buzz and S-Files but The Buzz wins in my book. S-Files was so lame and Showbiz Central is worse! I'm not pleased with Pia Guanio's style of nterviewing and John Lapus' voice irritates me. What makes The Buzz better is that they have more credibility. They have evidence to support their issues. Regardless of his outrageous attires, Tito Boy sounds and looks more sincere than Pia any day of the week. I'm sorry to say but Pia's very trying hard. She should just stick to hosting her "Pinaka" show at QTV11.

And John Lapus--my gosh. Don't get me started on that.

As for Raymond Guttierez, I'm still reserving judgment on him. But honestly, he looks very composed and confident. I think he'll be better off hosting a lifestyle show.

I'm familiarizing myself on the local celebrities. At least I don't say, "Sino siya?!!?" as often as before. I regularly buy Yes! magazine (go Jo ann Maglipon! More power to you!) for the pictures and the new couples (it's the local equivalent of People). I visit everyday for my showbiz fix. I however, draw the line on watching the noontime variety shows (weekday and weekend).

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sangalang-David Entourage

Introducing, the final line-up of the Sangalang-David Wedding Entourage:


Dr. Roberto A. Palileo Ms. Ma. Clarissa A. Palileo
Mr. Emil C. Reyes Ms. Norayda D. Blackeby
Mr. Benigno D. Peczon Ms. Rosalynn D. Veridiano
Mr. Nestor A. del Castillo Ms. Melanie T. Lago
Mr. Angel T. Baking Jr. Ms. Mercedes S. Panganiban
Mr. Albert G. Blancaflor Ms. Flordeliza P. Bajar
Dr. Luis T. Marquez Ms. Nhilda R. Causing

Ronaldo Roberto D. de Veyra Claudine D. Sobejana

Carlo P. Dela Rama Amanda Palileo
Constantine D. Carluen Marielle P. Lizardo
Elijah D. Veridiano Marie Anjulie D. Reyes

Willie C. Besada Rachelle D. Quianzon

Allan Stephen C. Chua Agnes D. Bonifacio

Jose Paolo M. Palileo Pamela Michelle I. Claveria

Juan Gabriel S. Paraiso IV Jaime Lorenzo S. Paraiso

Race Francis D. Veridiano

Chloe Mei M. David Ma. Margarita V. Marquez
Renee Beatrice S. de Veyra Celina Moira P. Mercado

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Too Stressed to be Depressed

A big audit is coming up next week and I'm so stressed that it's showing on my skin. I already have a pimple at the bridge of my nose and I could feel another one on my cheek! Gosh! I want this to be over!!!

The wedding being less than 3 months away is also not helping. Leo and I just realized that we have to submit our requirements during our canonical interview on July 3rd. We still have to get our marriage license and he still needs to get his baptismal/confirmation certificates (and to think I reminded and nagged him so many times before about this. Grrrr). Good thing he's doing this tomorrow.

I also noticed that Leo and I have been arguing more often as the wedding approaches. I'm not sure though if it's a two-sided argument as I'm the one who often loses patience. I can't remember the reason for our past arguments but I do remember getting mad--with the past two nights not being an exception.

Yesterday, we got caught by a traffic aide and I was really holding on to my patience. It was Leo's fault and I was trying hard not to say "I told you so". And today, we almost got into another argument because I wanted to go out with my team to celebrate the birthday of my one-down. Leo said he wanted to go home already. I said I wanted to bond with my team and I'll just commute home etc etc etc. Bottomline, I gave in and barely talked to him the whole trip going home.

I'm not usually like this. I attribute it to work-related stress. We cannot afford to fail this audit and I got quite a tongue-lashing from our Business Head for letting some stuff fall through the cracks. Never have I received such a series of scoldings (immortalized in email) in my entire life. If they say that you are not a truly a driver unless you have dented your car, then you are not truly a Unit Head unless you get washed, soaped and hung out to dry by your boss.

For the past two weeks, I had four people looking over my shoulder and riding my back to ensure things gets done. I had to look over my former unit and my new unit to ensure that gaps get rectified. I had to stretch myself to ensure the message of non-acceptance of a failed grade gets through to all my one-downs and colleagues. My unit is the favourite subject during audits. Makes me wonder why I chose this job in the first place.

It's D-Day on Tuesday. We're grateful that instead of a whole team coming in, only two people will be there to audit the whole bank. We're more grateful that instead of a full-blown audit that's being done across the region, we only have one week (4 days actually) of torture. Don't get me wrong. I'm confident that the important gaps have been filled and we have gone a long way from our where we were last year. This audit is 15 months in preparation. I just don't want them finding a one-off case and mistaking it as the whole. No system is 100% perfect. I just hope that they keep that in mind.

So wish me luck. As Friedrich Nietzsche said, "What does not kill me makes me stronger". If I survive this, I will definitely feel like Superman (and Spiderman, and Batman, and Captain Jack Sparrow, and and...and...all the superheroes combined!) . Definitely, top of the world.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pirates of the Carribean: World's End

Genre: Action & Adventure
Five words: ANG GUWAPO NI ORLANDO BLOOM!!!!! (Orlando Bloom's so handsome!!!!!).

Anyway, I got that out of my system. The movie reminded me why I fell in love with him during Lord of the Rings.

As for POTC, this is the third movie that we've seen this year that's the end of a trilogy. Previous ones were Spiderman and Shrek. And sadly, all of these movies fell short of expectations.. Leo said that they followed the path of The Matrix trilogy. The Wachowski brothers wanted to say so many things thus leading to the complication of the plot and the poor showing of Matrix Revolutions in the movies.

The writers of Spiderman, Shrek and POTC fell into that trap as well. The first movies were all very simple. For Spiderman, it's just Spiderman discovering his powers and having one nemesis; for Shrek, it's just Shrek saving a princess; and for POTC, it's Captain Jack Sparrow wanting to get the Black Pearl Black. See, simple plots lines. But as the movies progress, the plots get more convoluted and complicated. It's just so sad.

So far, I can't remember a trilogy movie wherein the last movie really ended the series with a bang. In my opinion, only Return of the Jedi (Star Wars) and Return of the King (Lord of the Rings) (hmmm....both with "Returns" in the title...what a coincidence?) have successfully finished what their first movies have started. For both "Return" movies, I left the cinema with a happy heart, but with the recent movies, it left much to be desired. Heck, even POTC gave us a headache trying to sort through the multiple plotlines and the disappearance of motives and reason. You can only suspend reality for quite some time.

But well, Orlando Bloom's gorgeous. Yumyum :) I want to watch Lord of the Rings again!!!

Rob Paravonian

While surfing through youtube, I found this video which really tickled my funny bone. Check it out:

Check out the other videos of this guy. He's really entertaining.

fyi, Canon in D by Pachelbel is usually the music played during weddings when the entourage marches down the aisle. Surfing through youtube, I found a rock version of this song. It was really interesting and I like it :) However, I don't think I can get away using that in our wedding. Hehe.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Canon in D by Pachelbel

And I found the Canon in D rock version that I like:

I have no ambitions to play like that but hell, I'm very much impressed :)

The Final Countdown

Okay, we have hit the 3 month mark. I'm super excited about the whole thing (who would not be?) Unfortunately, we have an audit coming up next week so everything in my life is put on hold until that audit is done (these are the times that I wish I was not a Unit Head).

So far, we are so in track with our wedding preparations. The only major things left are the invitations and honeymoon. The rest are manageable. Oh yeah, I need to lose weight again to fit into my wedding dress. The stress from the past few months have caught up with me (if I'm stressed, I tend to eat)!

After the 15th, preparations will again be full speed ahead. At least I've passed on some of the stuff for follow-up to Leo. He's been very helpful and he doesn't balk at any of the stuff I give him. It's nice to have a husband-to-be who's very engaged. :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

What Major is Right For You?

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