Friday, April 04, 2008

Go Ellen!

Being incarcerated for the past two and a half days, the TV became my bestfriend. Thank God for cable as I never had a dull moment.

Today, I managed to catch 3 episodes of Ellen in 3 different channels. She's really hilarious. She's more entertaining to watch than Oprah (well, I don't watch Oprah so I don't know if I should compare). But she certainly has more charisma than other talk show hosts.

Not to mention the games that she has in the show and the gifts that she gives to her audience. My gosh.

The recent episode I saw was when she held her show at Orlando. Episodes must be a couple of weeks late as Chikezee was voted out of American Idol and he was her guest. Kelly Pickler was there too singing about her red high heels.

I hope that I'll be able to watch a show of hers live when we go to the US later this year. She really is funny.

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romeo macapobre said...

shes an intelligent woman. for talk show hosts at night i like conan. wala akong tv ngayon .. waaah ...