Wednesday, April 02, 2008

More Questions

1. What’s the best love story you’ve ever watched? Sa kababawan ko, Love Actually. IT's such a feel good movie.

2. Do you think you’re ok? Yes

3. Song playing at the moment? Watching Wolfgang Puck.

4. One song to describe current relationship? Ikaw Lamang

5. Accessories you usually wear? My engagement and wedding rings

6. Fave color(s)? Blue

7. Ever donated blood? Yes. Once.

8. Last place you went to? Office and BPI branch at ATC

9. Last person(s) u went out with? had lunch with my college friends yesterday

10. The most exciting sport? Is eating a sport? hehe. My husband loves basketball so I guess, yun.

11. Ever had a permanent tattoo? No. Henna is the most extreme that I'll get.

12. Movie you want to watch? I don't know. What's showing ba? Siguro yung cartoon.

13. Any piercings? one on each ear lobe

14. The most romantic gift ever received? Cellphone

15. Act on stage before? I think I have. Pero matagal na. I think I was in College. Haha.

16. Struck by lightning before?? No. Knock on wood.

17. Danced with your loved one before? Our wedding last year

18. Ever wished you could turn back time? Of course. But there's no use in looking at the past unless you intend to learn from it.

19. One song that’s meaningful to you? Now That I Have You

20. Last person who called you? My husband

22. Ever thought of robbing a bank? In the past when I needed money. Haha.

23. Do you still have feelings for your ex? No

24. Have you ever been given roses? Yes

25. What is your all-time favorite romance movie? Love Actually

26. How many times have you honestly been in love? Once :) with my husband.

27. Do you believe that everyone has a soulmate? I do

28. What's your current problem?  Office problems

29. Have you ever had your heart broken? Yes

30. Experienced Long Distance? ???

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Norrie Blackeby said...

Who thinks up of these questions...maybe for people like me who loes reading them!