Thursday, April 03, 2008

Overwork Addict

I think I'm addicted to overworking.

I can go for weeks working for 12 hours. Skipping dinners as I would get home past dinnertime and I'm so exhausted that I'll just drop in bed and wake up really hungry but would lose my appetite when I would see the food.

After all that meal skipping, I should lose weight but I compensate for the skipped meals by eating unhealthy carbs.

As mentioned yesterday, I was sick last Monday and when I went to the doctor today, I was diagnosed with Upper Respiratory Tract Infection prescribed with 1-3 days of rest with amoxicillin and a lozenge for my sore throat. Lots of fruits and juices, so there.

I should take it easy if I am to meet the challenges that are thrown to me at work. I have to be healthy if I am going to lead my team to meet our targets this year. Moreover, my boss from group will be arriving next week so I have to be up and about!

On a different note, Ramielle Malubay got voted out of American Idol today. Can't say I'm heartbroken over it. Her performance these past few weeks leaves much to be desired and the other contestants really outshone her (well not all). I especially love David Cook. He reminds me of Daughtry but he has his own style. Others like David Archuleta but he sounds so boyband. Let's just see.

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