Friday, May 12, 2017

Asthma During Pregnancy

My recent pregnancy was harder compared to my previous. The first one was easy peasy. Granted I went on leave for two weeks just for the morning sickness, but I can't recall going on bed rest or sick leave for the rest of the pregnancy (probably once or twice).

However, for this recent one, I had allergies galore specifically asthma. I've always been asthmatic but it was worse this pregnancy. My inhalers received quite a workout and I was even prescribed three inhalers early in my pregnancy. Not to mention I almost exhausted my sick leaves as my attacks became more frequent especially during my last trimester.

I was initially apprehensive and shared this with my OB as on top of my inhalers, I also had to take anti-asthma medicine. She said that she prefers the alternative of me being able to breathe as whatever happens to me, affects the baby in my tummy.

A couple of weeks before I gave birth, I visited my pulmo again to prepare for my caesarean operation. She prescribed more anti-asthma meds and even steroids which I'm supposed to take the day before.

I don't know if it's the results of all those meds but when my son came out, he was screaming madly. I guess there's no question how healthy his lungs are.

Ten weeks after giving birth, I haven't had a bad asthma attack like the ones I experienced during my pregnancy. I really hope not to go through that again.

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