Tuesday, May 09, 2017

My Muntinlupa Civil Registry and COMELEC Experience

As much as possible, I try not to go to our government offices as not only does it strain my patience, but can be physically exhausting as well.

I had to go to our local civil registry so I can get a certified true copy of my son's birth certificate. Apparently, the one that I got from Asian Hospital did not have the stamp and registry number so our HR did not accept it.

Resigning myself that I will be wasting a day, I proceeded to the Civil Registry Office (CRO) this morning. Good thing that I did some research as the place is located at the Star Mall along South Luzon Expressway at the Alabang Viaduct.

So I parked at Festival Mall and took a jeep going to Star Mall. The CRO (together with other government offices), are located at the 3F. Apparently, not only is the Civil Registry located there but the Comelec and NBI as well.

When I got there around 1130AM, I was dismayed when I saw the long line as well as the cramped offices. Dejectedly, I asked if I should line up for my request but was pleasantly surprised when I was told that I should just go to the other room which, fortunately, has a shorter line.

I was given a number and I was 29 and the number being serviced was 26. In less than 20 minutes, I was called and had my turn with the person in charge for birth certificates. Apparently, I came to the right queue and he processed my request immediately. A certified true copy costs P40 (I requested 3 copies just in case) which I gladly paid. However, the person in charge who was supposed to sign was on lunch break so I had to wait for an additional 30 minutes (so much for the "no lunch break" policy). All in all, disregarding the breaks, it must've took me an hour in the office.

So while waiting for the signing authority to return from his lunch break, I decided to check out the Comelec office beside the CRO to check if my Voter's ID is already available. Though it's been years since I registered and I already voted numerous times without it, I need it as an additional government ID as my driver's license plastic (which services as the primary government ID when I'm requested to present one) is already expired. When I renewed it last year, I was told that I can only get it this July.

When I arrived at the Comelec, lo and behold! There was no line! I gleefully gave my name and they handed me my ID (which was printed way back 2011 when I registered in 2009). I was surprised when they handed me two copies as apparently, they made a duplicate which they still gave to me.

All in all, I cannot say that it was a pleasant experience as it was SO HOT inside the waiting area. Moreover, the lines were depressingly long (at least for those requesting for copies of their birth, marriage and death certificates). I can't understand why they had to do so when they can request for copies through phone or online.

However, my struggles are not yet over as I would still need to go to the Registry of Deeds and the Land Transportation Office with regards to my car registration. Now, that's another story and I am not looking forward to it.

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