Thursday, May 11, 2017

Diaper Review: And the winner is...

When my eldest was born, unbranded diapers were a big thing then. They were cheaper than the ones that you would get from the supermarket and works just as well. I was thankful that my son's skin was not that sensitive so we subsisted on those until he was three. That was the time that I bought Mamy Poko as none of the unbranded diapers would no longer fit him.

That was 8 years ago. I tried checking my previous suppliers but they were no longer in business. I the resigned myself on buying the branded ones. So far, I have tested three brands on my new baby: Mamy Poko, Pampers and Drypers.

I initially tried Mamy Poko as that was what my eldest used before (pull-ups) but I was disappointed when it leaked. Drypers was also so so and I didn't like the somewhat rough texture. Pampers though definitely worked as advertised. The gel thing soaks up the liquid and my baby seldom cries because of a wet diaper. I also liked the indicator wherein you can check if the diaper is indeed full or at least there's pee.

My next concern was where to buy them the cheapest. After searching, I stumbled onto Lazada which actually delivers within 24 hours. I computed and each diaper only costs P7.24 for a 58 pcs small pack compared to other groceries which can run up to P7.98 per piece. For a site that I swore not to use after they refused to accept my previous returns, I've grown to appreciate their service.

I also buy Cycles laundry detergent and Cradle nipple and bottle wash from them. They sometimes have bundled sales which is cost efficient. Their inventory of baby wipes are not too bad as well.

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