Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Farmville 2.0

My farm!

The best time wasting game ever!

I've been playing this before in Facebook and when they came out with an app, I started playing it when I got myself my own iPad. I think I've been farming for more than 3 years already. It's just so relaxing and my stress reliever. There are days that I'm just so frustrated with it that I don't touch the game for days and then I would open it every hour.

Like all time management games, I make sure that all the Workshops and people are not idle. Adds to the XP too.

I appreciate that it has so many goals and tasks going on at the same time that you're forced to craft or plant something just to fulfill it. Keeps me from being board. It also enables me to join communities where I can trade goods and items.

Makes me want to have my own farm but I'm sure it won't be as easy as this.

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