Wednesday, May 11, 2005

And then there was....

Our head will announce tomorrow that ESM, our current team leader, will be transferring to a new post effective Monday.

Being the default person for event planning, my boss told me the news this morning so I can come up with some sort of despedida for him by Friday. Actually, before my boss told me, ESM already shared this tidbit with me. Not surprising since ESM and I have grown pretty close these past few weeks (we are, after all, seatmates). This will be the third despedida that I'm setting up this year. I hope this is not a trend.

I don't know how to take the news since he has been a vital part of our team for the past few months. When our boss transferred to another department, our VP offered first the position to him. Amazingly, he declined the would-be promotion and focused his sights to other opportunities. Knowing this guy, a lot would be coming.

Nevertheless, this move will be leaving us orphaned. His assistant team leader will be taking over the team but as it happens, this said ATL is currently out of the country. I might be sub for him for the next two weeks until he gets back. It will be a handful but I hope I can manage.

ESM is also encouraging me to move. He said that I have stagnated too long and my potential to grow is enormous (I hope he did not mean the physical growth). I'm just waiting until July and then we'll see.

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