Monday, May 09, 2005

Die Ipis, Die!

"Ipis" or cockroaches are icky little insects that creeps me out. Whenever I would see one, I would go running the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, we're having some sort of ipis infestation at work. Fortunately, the breed is not like what we have at home (the brown flying ones). The ones at work are more of the little ones that find their way in little itsy corners. Nevertheless, they still scare the bejeezums out of me. Whenever I would see one crawling on my desk, I would drown it in alcohol and pummel it with a newspaper. To think it's not even 1 cm long. :D Overkill. Hehe.

Just this morning, I saw one crawling near my computer. I screamed my voice out which brought my male officemates to my workstation. I don't know whether they were annoyed or amused or scared, but they just stood there and watched the ipis silently make its way across my workstation. Ugh. Die ipis Die!

Odd thing is, I know we have monthly or quarterly maintenance done to eradicate such pests. I don't know why they seem to be getting bolder now. Ugh. Losing my faith on them pest controllers, I requested for a can of baygon. Can't wait to get it next week for I'll surely kill those little pests.

If I can act the "scared little girl" at work, I can't pull that act here at home. Over here, it's every girl for herself.

All of us siblings are scared of cockroaches. You should hear us outshouting each other everytime a flying ipis makes a rare appearance. Of course, we would push my brother to kill it for us and being the dutiful brother that he is, he would quietly creep where the ipis is resting and make a guerilla attack--hitting it once and run away as fast as he can. Not bothering to see whether he killed it or not.

Nowadays, we managed to find the stomach to kill any ipis that crosses our path. Actually, we would ignore them if they won't cross our respective comfort zones. I for one, would kill any ipis that would somehow manage to find itself in my room, or in the bathroom. Try taking a poop with an ipis running over your feet. Ugh ugh ugh! Yuck!

Funny though that the ipis is the most resilient species there is. I remembered reading once, that if a nuclear bomb should go off, the ipis would survive. Ugh.


Mindy said...

Hahahah, between my rats and your ipis - we'd make a FEAR FACTOR show! Hahahah!

Maybe sa mga cabinets and tables, your officemates have food stored there. Kaya even if there's quarterly pest maintenance, may ipis pa rin. :(

jb virata said...

Try spraying them with rubbing alcohol. They tend to laugh at RAID, but the Flying Cockroaches of Hawaii don't like rubber alcohol. I think it prevents them from breathing and then you can squash them.