Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What does T.O.D.A.S stand for?

Work has been very unbearable these past few days. Unbearable because we're positively doing nothing!

This is very alarming considering that we play a critical role in the business, but due to some IT problems, we have been "down" for the past 3 days (and I'm talking about working days). As it is, everything is beyond our control and as usual, could have been mitigated if the powers-that-be actually listened to a previous proposal. But no, they're so intent on cost-cutting that they had to make the decision beyond the critical time. Now, I think they're losing more than what they had saved due to the downtime.

Since the powers-that-be also refused to make us go home on these down days, we were left to amuse ourselves. We dug through our harddisk files and we came across old "tests". You know, those jologs quizzes and trivia (thus, the title of this blog post. FYI, the answer is Television Outrageously Delightful All-Star Show). It was fun and as usual, I was given the task to be "Kris Aquino".

We met again before we went home this afternoon (I've been leaving the office at 5:30 pm for the past few days) and we agreed to come to work after lunch to give IT more time to do some last minute tinkering. They promised that we'll be up by then. Hopefully this would push through because other departments have been hounding us with their follow-ups and such.

On a brighter (?) note, since our officer-in-charge is on scheduled vacation leave, ESM is our current officer-in-charge and I'm his so-called second hand for this week only. It has been nerve-wracking because he keeps on sending me to these meetings which I know next-to-nothing about, just so that our department is properly represented. However, it does feel great since I'm rubbing elbows with AVP's and the such. Hopefully, all the answers that I've been giving them are accurate enough and won't give us any future problems. I'm used to meeting with my officemates, but meeting with higher-ups, it's a whole new plane! My mind goes blank and all the stuff that I learned in MBA goes flying out of the window. This is something that I need to get used to if I want my career to advance.


Mindy said...

Uy TODAS! Pinapalabas ulit yan sa Channel 13 ngayon, every Wednesday nights. :D

rmacapobre said...

haha anong oras? favorite ko dyan si "si ako si ikaw" girl who i heard, committed suicide (sigh) ..