Sunday, May 01, 2005

Labor Day

My sister-in-law and I bonded today.

Since her due date is sometime this month, I took her out today so she can get her much needed daily walking exercise. Her doctor advised her to walk a lot to help the baby go into its proper position. Her 9th month is on May 15 and we're all excited for the new baby to arrive. My two sister-nurses are also pledging to watch over her and monitor her contractions. They said that we'll bring her to the hospital once her water breaks. I've never seen a birthing before but since they've seen their share in the hospital, then I guess they know better.

We went to Landmark to buy more baby stuff and I bought shoes and a blouse. Due to the heat, I wanted to buy a short-sleeved blouse which I can also wear at work. It seems that my short sleeved blouses are too informal for work.

My sister and her husband also visited us today. It seems that they're going to Ilocos first week of June before classes starts for them. I wanted to come along but Leo reminded me that school has started for us by then. I was so disappointed because I really wanted to go out of town. I was not able to go anywhere this summer, well, except for Tagaytay last Holy Week. And it looks like we can't do any long distance driving in the near future due to Leo's injury. Gosh, I SHOULD really learn how to drive. It might come in handy when my sister-in-law gives birth. As it happens, only us girls will be here in the house during those crucial weeks. My dad will be sleeping over at Makati to watch the place for my grandparents who are visiting their daughter and her family in Australia. My brother, on the other hand, is working the night shift. So that leaves us. I don't mind really. We're all very excited about this baby--being the first apo and pamangkin.

Yesterday, SO and I went to Shangri-la to watch a movie and browse around. We caught Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac's Guess Who? It's funny but it's only so-so. The only funny part for me was when they were in the car and all these songs about colours were being played one after the other (Ebony and Ivory). The day before that, we saw The Interpreter at Greenbelt 3. It's also so-so. Can't wait for the new movies coming out next week. I'm looking forward to Orlando Bloom's Kingdom of Heaven and of course, the last episode of the first trilogy of Star Wars. My dad wants to watch, being the Star Wars fan that he is. He was the one who actually got me into the series. He told us that he took us to the cinema near Luneta to watch Return of th Jedi. He's particularly excited over this one.

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Anonymous said...

fr cess- hubby saw in this scifi movie site that star wars 3 is another disappointment ( ganun uli, kulang-kulang na storyline kasi puro sandamakmak na epeks). anyway, its still star wars, kaya watch pa rin ;)