Monday, May 30, 2005

Back to School

School started last week. My morale has been a bit low ever since I got that horrendous grade last term, added with the current upheavals at work, well, it's a cocktail to fuel my low spirits.

Leo and I are FINALLY groupmates this term for our Financial Management subject. Hopefully, we'll do great. We're not groupmates for our Organizational Behaviour subject, but that's ok. At least we're stressed out together.

Just this evening, he was stressing himself out while he was thinking of the things that he has to read for school. When he stresses himself out like that, I get stressed out as well. *sigh*

I also cried all over him tonight. He mentioned nonchalantly that he and his family are going to the States early next year. He acted like it was just something that they do regularly (which they actually do. He and his family have been going out of the country for vacation ever since he was a kid), while I was silently crying. If ever their trip will push through, it will be the first time that we'll be apart for more than a month. Moreover, I will be the only one left behind. His whole family, including his sister and her family, will be going!

What actually bothered me was that his ex-girlfriend is in the US. What's stopping him from meeting up with her? I'm scared that if he sees her, he'll realize that he still loves her. Or if does find out that he loves me more, what if the girl makes a wild play at him?

I know the trip is still a long way off. Less than a year actually. It's going to be selfishness on my part to wish that he won't be able to go. But if it's going to make him happy, then by all means, go forth and enjoy. I'll just wait patiently for him to return. By then, we must have already celebrated our second year anniversary. I hope it'll be better than our first year celebration.


My sister-in-law and her baby, checked out of the hospital this afternoon. The baby is so tiny sleeping on their bed! My family and I decided to playfully call her, "Clo-clo", much to the annoyance of the mom. Hehe. She's just SO cute and tiny! My sister, the nursing student, changed the baby's clothes and cleaned the navel (where the umbilical cord used to be). My sister-in-law is still scared of holding her baby since she's so small. We'll all get used to her and she'll eventually grow. At least now, I know it's a girl and I can buy coloured stuff for her now. We get to buy her "kikay" stuff!


Anonymous said...

fr cess- ayuuun! kaya pala... nalulungkot na, may fear pa ;) i understand how you feel. dont worry, im sure he loves you very much so "that" shouldnt matter.

rmacapobre said...

> im sure he loves you ..

the only person who is sure .. would be leo.