Monday, May 16, 2005

Especially for you...

Due to the recent reconfiguration, we found ourselves neighbors with the collections people. We knew that it will be a big change for us, thus my officemates armed themselves with I-Pods and radios to keep the noise generated by our ever-loquacious collections department at bay (you should hear them, "Mr. XXX. Hindi ko po kayo sinisigawan. Ganito lang po talaga ang boses XXX. Pagsalitaan niyo po ako. Hindi ko po kayo inaaway...Mr. XXX. Huwag niyo po akong sigawan. Bastos? Bastos? Sino po ang bastos? Hindi po ako ang nambabagsak ng telepono. Mr. XXX, you have until today to pay your PXXXX amount due! Thank you! Goodbye!"

Apparently, there's a certain person in the other cubicle that takes "last song syndrome" to the extreme. She keeps on playing "Especially for you" by MYMP (I think) EVERYDAY. There was a time she played it a dozen times over and over again. To amuse ourselves, PJ and I made a bet on what time she will play the song again. I lost and I gladly paid him his due (a softdrink in can).

Ri sent me this...thing (she calls it movie meme). Let's see how well I'll do:

total number of films i own on DVD/video:
I honestly don't know. my dad's the collector. i just supplement from time to time. i think we have around 400 now. Originals, around 10 maybe? (Hey, all my LOTR's are originals!)

the last film i bought:
Legit: The Princess Bride
pDVD: Spongebob Squarepants

the last film i watched:
In the theater: Shattered Glass
On video: CSI? (It's what we have been watching lately) or LOTR
On HBO: Baby Geniuses 2

five films that i watch a lot or mean a lot to me:
LoTR - when my friends first told me about the first movie. i thought they were pertaining to the legend of the five rings (it's another game). i forgot that i owned all the books in the series (1975 edition including The Hobbit). we bought premier tickets to the movie and i get to drool over legolas.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - i remembered watching this when i was a kid. it got me hooked on chocolates!

The Star Wars saga - according to my dad, this is the first movie that i ever watched. he took me (and my sister, i think) to the luneta theater and we watched "return of the jedi" at the moviehouse! i recall eagerly waiting for channel 9 to show it.

dead poets society - my high school barkada is named after this movie. ::sigh:: i miss them.

little mermaid/aladdin/beauty and the beast - for me, these are the best cartoons that disney ever churned out. at my age, i still love to watch cartoons. i don't know why but i still tune in to disney channel, cartoon network or nickelodeon (for spongebob squarepants). maybe because the soundtrack is very catchy (menken and rice. a formidable team). i memorized most of the songs by heart. or i just never grew up.

and lots more!

to which 5 4 people am i passing the baton and why?

Leo - since he loves movies more than I do. He loves art films (but then, he doesn't have a blog)

Allan - because he likes watching movies. i watched a lot of movies with him before.

Rico - because he has watched more movies than i ever have watched in a lifetime. he also first discovered the korean telenovelas before they became mainstream.

Mindy - who loves watching tv (and movies) and has something to say about it.

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