Saturday, April 30, 2005

May Day

It's been quite a stressful month. I'm glad that today's the last day of April.

I had to contend with a lot of deaths this month. Not only did famous people die (Pope, Prince Rainier, Dr. Punongbayan), but our family was beset by deaths as well.

I went to the wake of Dr. Echiverri the other day. Not only to represent our family, but to meet my aunt (the sister of my mom). It was a bittersweet meeting. I was not able to exchange much pleasanties because the other siblings of my mom arrived to pay their respects. I wanted to stay and chat but it was too emotional for me. I was not comfortable with the way they were looking at me (a look of pity and questions) and I made my excuses to leave early.

Maybe it was just me or I was too emotional. It did not help that I learned that my favorite Idol, Constantine Maroulis was voted off that morning. Leo was teasing me mercilessly the whole day about it (did I mention that it was our 1 year and 2 month anniversary last Thursday as well?).

Yesterday, my paternal aunt sent me a text message saying that the sister of our grandfather died too. My gulay.

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