Sunday, April 24, 2005

Summer Cleaning

I cleaned my room today.

I know it doesn't sound extraordinary, but cleaning my room is daunting task. Nevertheless, I managed to accomplish it.

It has been very productive. Not only did I sweep out 2 years worth of dust, but I managed to rebuild my book database as well. I now have 500+ books. I packed 269 of them in a big balikbayan box and stored it in my closet. It was very difficult because I did the whole thing (including the heaving and lifting of the box) myself. Now, my back, thighs and arms are hurting due to the exertion.

See my new room:

The bookshelves have less clutter now and I placed my study table beside it.

I also cleaned my laptop table and tried placing it right beside my bed. But there was not enough space for my reading lamp.

Time to get some sleep. My body is screaming for rest. Too much exertion. (sigh)


Allan said...

the picture reminds me of those makeover shows... the one where they show the "before" and "after" pictures of the room they made over.

Ri said...

Hee! Galing mo! Been planning to do that for quite a while but it always ends up with me leafing through old magazines and watching DVDs... hehehehe... walang discipline... buti ka pa... pa-massage ka na :p