Sunday, April 10, 2005

No Goodbyes

Pope John Paul II has been dead for more than a week and was even buried last Friday, but I still can't seem to let him go.

Yesterday, Newsweek and Time featured him on their respective front covers. Instead of buying just one issue, I bought both. This morning, when I served at the Archbishop Palace, I broke into tears in the middle of communion when we sang "Tell the World of His Love" (World Youth Day'95 theme song). When a person close to Cardinal Sin joined us during breakfast, we interviewed him and asked about the Cardinal and how was Pope John Paul up close. I've heard all his answers before but it still feels different since I heard it straight from the source. I just can't seem to get enough.

It can be difficult to understand my devotion bordering to fanaticism over this person. Regardless of his trappings, the Pope is still a man. Besides, I haven't personally met the man and the closest that I came to him was during World Youth Day '95, and even then, I was in the sidelines and not even close enough to touch the Popemobile. But there is something holy about his aura that can move a person to tears. His humility and holiness reminds me that I am a sinful person and should ask for forgiveness. His smiling face exudes peace and can calm a soul and after all the hardships and trials, having someone to look up to can make you go on.

I know I can never be considered a saint (I can hear my friends sniggering), but I still aspire to live a good and peaceful life. To be able to give without expecting anything in return, to love without prejudice and to love God above everything else. It's a difficult task, but if the Pope was able to do it, then maybe, just maybe, I can do it too.

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