Monday, April 25, 2005

Manic Monday

Work has really been challenging and mind numbing.

Ah well. It's such an old feeling and I try not to think about it too much. But when an officemate and I talked about it today, he actually encouraged me to move on. It's going to be difficult but I will indeed try (hint hint hint). He was moreover surprised when he learned that I've been stuck in the same department for five years already! I REALLY need to move. No wonder I feel like I'm stagnating.

I also got my grades today. Good news is I passed Management Accounting although barely. I got a 2.0 whereas I got a 4.0 for Production Management (fyi, passing for MBA is 2.0 compared to undergrad's 1.0). Not bad although there goes my chances for graduating with honors. Kina-career ko pa naman ito eh palpak pa. At least Leo got a 3.0 which still makes him a candidate. I hope he'll make it.

On a morbid note, it has been a weekend of hospital visits and deaths. I was tasked to look for a flower shop yesterday to send out condolence flowers (?) to the Abalos daughter who died last week (we're related to them by marriage. Long chain but it's there). I ventured to Araneta Avenue with my brother and sister-in-law and bought two wreaths, one from our family and the other from my aunt (who's related to them) from the US. My mom emailed me again this morning to send out another wreath to the same family who experienced another death yesterday (brother-in-law of my aunt was shot). It's such a shock for all of us. I pray that God will give their loved ones the strength to get through these trying times.

Last Saturday, I visited my grandmother who's confined at Osmac (Ospital ng Makati) due to Stage 1 Pneumonia. I hope she'll be ok. She's been a pillar of strength for all her children. I know how much she unconditionally loves her children, even sacrificing so much for their welfare. My aunt asked me to send her flowers as well. Somehow, I balk at the task because, call me superstitious, I don't like the trend that is showing with regards to my flower-sending.

Oh and last Friday, I visited an officemate who was suddenly confined at Makati Med due to face numbness. We hypothesized that it could be potassium deficiency or sinuses or whatever. When she came back to work this morning, the doctor's initial finding is that there's some sort of shadow on the right (or was that the left) side of her brain. She had a blood test where they took 3 vials from her, to rule out aneurism and the such.

Gosh, what a trying weekend. I hope this week will be better.

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MommyBa said...

Well, sabi nga nila, sunud-sunod yan pag dumating. But don't worry because after every storm or trial will come the sunshine.

Here's one big *hug* to cheer you up! Don't worry, things will get better soon :)