Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bonding at Tagaytay

My aunt, Tita Norrie, arrived last Friday. I took half of the day off and picked her up at the airport. It was great seeing her. She looked so lovely (she's already 48 yet she can pass herself off as someone my age. Gosh!) and was so excited seeing her hometown again.

Her bestfriend, Tita Melanie, visited her that night as well as my grandfather and dad. We stayed at my other aunt's house, Tita Rosa, over at BF. I stayed there as well and came home only today.

We could not spend Saturday together since I had to attend to my Finman papers, however, we took her and lola to Tagaytay today.

Leo picked us up at 9:00 am and we were supposed to have lunch at Sonya's Garden. But I wanted them to meet Leo's parents first, so we proceded to their house in Tagaytay. I was a bit embarassed since it was in short notice (we were already near Tagaytay when I called her to tell her we were coming to visit them).

Basically, the first meeting of my family (well, part of it), and Leo's family went really well. My aunt and lola loved them (and vice versa, I hope). We were given refreshments and Leo's Mom showed them the house and her plants. I was further surprised when they offered to take us to Tagaytay Highlands so we could have lunch there. I didn't know whether I should be embarassed or be happy about it.

Tita Norrie got famously along with Leo's dad (he was the one who took us to Highlands). She's quite a talker. They also had another visitor and she chatted comfortably with him as well. Maybe it's her UP education talking. They were discussing religion, spirituality, politics and what have you. Leo and I were just in our quiet corner listening to them. It was really fun.

My tita and my lola really enjoyed the day out. Too bad we could not stay long as Leo and I had to get back and finish our papers (damn studies!). Tita Jojo (that's Leo's Mom) even invited them to stay overnight sometime.

I'm really glad that this day went well. I hope all future meetings with my family and his family will be this relaxed.

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