Thursday, July 14, 2005

Shop till you Drop

I'm not much of a shopper. Professional shoppers would probably be shocked by my shopping style. I don't have the patience to browse, window-shop or really search for the "best" item of what I want/need. I usually buy the first thing I like.

As a favor and a token of my love for my auntie, I spent a day with her. We spent it at SM Makati (which happens to be a very NICE mall. Hey, it's newly renovated after all), shopping for some stuff for her new house and pasalubongs as well. We arrived at SM at around 10:30 and we proceeded to the foodcourt to get merienda before we tackle the serious stores. After downing an order of Jollibee Palabok each, we went up to the "Kultura" center of SM where she imbibed on Filipino-made stuff. My tita bought windchimes, napkin holders, a shirt, pillow covers and pearls (again). Not content with the set she gave me from England, she got me another set (Necklace and earrings). I'm seriously contemplating on collecting pearls. She also bought another set for herself.

We spent around an hour and a half in that area, afterwhich, we looked for a place where we can have lunch. We settled for Kitaro and called Tita Melanie (her bestfriend since grade school at St. Scho) to join us. It was so embarassing that she bought all that stuff while I only bought a nail clipper. I was so tired but seeing her so happy gave me the courage to forge on.

After a very filling lunch, we went back to the Home area of SM where the two bestfriends searched for a rug and other stuff which they will put in their respective houses. We spent another hour walking around but when they saw me yawning, we went to this cafe where they're selling Filipino coffee and chocolate. I'll definitely recommend it to all my friends. The cafe is called Tsoko.Nut and its located at the 2/f of SM Makati. It's so out of the way, but they serve wickedly delicious tsokolate (baritol) and kapeng barako. I had a Napoleones while Auntie Norrie (I would need to get the hang of calling her "Auntie". My lola insisted that we call our aunts, "Aunties") and Tita Melanie shared an ensaymada. Filipino delicacies with an urban twist. I'll definitely go back with Leo.

We dallied in that place for another house, then we went back to shopping. We met with my tita...errr.. Auntie Rosa at Pink Soda where they again shopped for blouses. We went around Glorietta while I nursed a splitting headache. We settled at Le Cour while I waited for the Mefanamic Acid that I took to work its magic.

At 7 PM, the four of us proceeded to North Park where we met with Leo for dinner. I was so stuffed that my stomach is still aching a bit up to now.

It was a very fun day. I got to my aunts more and I discovered that they're all very wacky. All the while, I thought my Auntie Rosa was the wackiest of them all, but they have their own distinct wacky personalities (Auntie Rosa is STILL the wackiest of them all). Auntie Norrie, being the balikbayan, was the favorite butt of jokes. Moreover, she's a very good audience for all our jokes. Kahit yung Battle of the Brainless, bentang-benta sa kanya.

She's leaving on Sunday. I'll be spending the whole weekend at BF so we'll have more time together. I will definitely miss her.

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