Sunday, July 17, 2005

Newly Laid Plans

I left BF today. I was almost in tears before I left the house because I had to say goodbye to my aunt. She was here for 10 days and we spent 7 days out of those 10 days together. I will truly miss her.

On the eve of her departure, the three of us (Auntie Norie, Auntie Rosa and me) talked about my life. (In their words, I'm the "favorite" niece in the father's side of my family. For whatever reason, I have no idea.) When they learned how much I was spending for our household expenses, they were shocked, actually, so was I. When Cheryll moved out, she and her husband still continued to contribute to the household budget, but when Cheryll became pregnant, they begged off from their contribution since they had to save for their baby. Of course, it would not be right of me to pitch a fit, so I absorbed the deficit. When I computed it again last night, I was surprised to know that I was spending 20% more than what was budgetted for me. Moreover, 65% of my income is going to the family expenses. I was even told that what I'm doing is unfair for me since the people that I'm supporting are already married. By all rights, they should be supporting themselves (and their respective families), instead of me. Auntie Rosa even offered her spare room to me in case I would want to move to BF. Basically, I would be by myself while my siblings will be left on their own.

I couldn't sleep last night after we had that talk. I really wanted to move to BF. Transportation is not a problem and my auntie already waived any rentals (I did insist that I'll have DSL installed and pay for it). Moreover, I get to spend more time with my favourite godson and Leo's residence is nearer too! Best of all, I get to save! It's really very advantageous for me to move to the South, but I have to think of the repercussions.

I very well cannot, in my conscience, just desert my siblings like that. Right now, I'm supporting my youngest sibling (and his family), as well as my twin sister. I have no problems with my twin sister since she's leaving for the States by March next year. That leaves my brother and his family. I'm going to talk with my dad tomorrow and propose to him my solution. I'll install my brother and his family at our grandparent's house in Makati where my Dad is also residing. My twin sister can also move to our relatives near her school where she can stay for the time-being. Our current maid can also move with my siblings to Makati where she can serve as nanny for the baby. I think I have it figured out. Hopefully my dad will agree to my proposal. He might balk since moving to BF would mean he won't be seeing much of me. I have to ensure that I'll visit him at least once a week.

I hope I did not forget to factor anything in making my decision. I really do hope that this will push through.

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Mindy said...

You sound blue...:(

Things will fall into their right places, don't worry too much. :)