Sunday, July 24, 2005

Room Makeover

I'll be moving to BF by the end of the month, or after the baptism of my niece (which would also be my goddaughter. Yep. I'm going to be a "ninang" for the 11th time). We might be moving on the 31st. By August 1, I'll be in a new room. Any ideas again on how to design my new room would be very much welcome.

I'll post photos next week. The room is located at 2nd floor and towards the back of the house (back-corner right if you're facing the house). It's bigger than my current room. There's already a king-sized bed there, four closets and there's still room left to spare. Since it's a corner room, there are windows on two walls. The windows are made of capiz shells.

The room needs all the good vibes that it needs. It's former occupant is my cousin who had a falling-out with his mom (my aunt) and he moved out to live with our grandparents. I'm thinking of lighting scented candles or putting some religious images or something. I dunno. I'm actually clueless when it comes to room designing. *sigh*

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Mindy said...

Well to start, would you be painting your room? Here's a website for you to check some really. really cool color combos. Don't stick to one color sa walls, experiment so that your room won't look boring:

Tapos choose lang under
Lifestyle Colors
- Greenhouse
- Naturals
- Sea & Sky
- Thoroughbred
- Whitewash
- Island Brights

To get color ideas :)

I'm excited for you. Haaay, fixing houses always does this to me. :)