Saturday, July 30, 2005

New Home

It's done!

I'm an official residence of BF Homes, Paranaque since last Thursday. It was such a difficult move. It took me 4 cars and a 4 wheeler truck to bring all my stuff from Mandaluyong to BF. I'm half unpacked and there's still 4 boxes that I need to figure out where to put.

Once I get my laptop installed properly, I'll post a picture of my half-fixed room.

I miss my family. But well, they'll survive. I'll survive.

Anyway, I'll post more once I settle in.


Allan said...

congrats on your move. hope u have your room "feng shui"-ed.

may house warming party ba..? teka... medyo malayo pala place mo (too far for me)... huwag na lang.. hehehe...

Anonymous said...

a truck?? gaano ba kalalaki yang mga boxes na yan? did you bring a ref or a sala set with you? ;) anyway, im happy for you. im sure you love this change.

Anonymous said...

- fr cessna

tobie said...

Hey, you're back in BF Sunshine?
I should meet up with you for some coffee and kuwento one time~

Miss you much!

rmacapobre said...

youve finally decided to leave the nest ..