Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's Really Gonna Happen!

All the while, I had doubts that my plans will be well-received by my family. I was surprised and touched that they were actually very supportive and understanding.

When I talked with my Dad yesterday, he actually agreed with me. When he brought me to the office this morning, he admitted to me that he'll miss me. I wanted to cry when he said that, instead, I choked down the tears and told him I'll still visit him at Makati. I always knew that I was a Daddy's girl but to hear my dad say he'll miss me really broke my heart. To think I'm not yet getting married. No doubt I'll be a walking faucet when/if my wedding date comes.

I called my sister-in-law to my room this evening so we can discuss finances. When I asked if her if she knew my reasons for moving, she said that she was not told, however, she somehow had an idea that I would want to start saving (I actually have NIL savings now). I started crying then because I felt so guilty for leaving them like that. What made me cry harder was when she said they understood why I chose to move out and even supports my decision. I'll be staying with them until they can find a new apartment and then I'll finally be moving to BF. I checked our rental contract and it says that we have until the end of August to do that.

It looks like I underestimated my sister-in-law because she knows how to handle finances. I asked her how they managed to budget their forthcoming household expenses a nd the figures, justifications and solutions that she gave me were downright logical. I gave her an assignment of cataloguing our furniture so we'll know which item will go where. By the time we move, our furniture will be going to three places - Makati (for storage), their new apartment (wherever that maybe) and BF. I've already identified the pieces which I will bringing with me.

I'll miss my siblings. We became closer and forged our ties when our parents separated. Being the eldest child, I became their surrogate mother and advisor. We cried together, got mad together and laughed together. But it's time I live my own life. My siblings are all married--our youngest sibling and our only brother has a wife and child, my youngest sister is pregnant and living with her husband in QC, while my twin sister is just waiting until she graduates and she'll be leaving for the US on May next year. I should be glad that they're all starting to settle down with their respective families. It is indeed time that I should start preparing for my own.

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Norrie Blackeby said...

Well done!I am sure you made the right decision. There comes a point in your life to put yourself first--and this is it.
I am proud of you.