Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I was proud that I never had allergies when I was growing up. My only allergy was from bagoong isda and dust (for my asthma). I remembered eating that when I was a kid and my whole body started swelling. It started with a small pantal on my arm, and next thing I knew, it was spreading. My mom took me to my pedia and they gave me an anti-allergy which conked me out after drinking it. After that, I avoided bagoong isda like the plague.

Lately though, I'm discovering that I'm allergic to things that I'm not allergic to before. Case in point, shrimp.

I love shrimp. I really really do. I love them buttered or on pizza or anything! It's my favorite seafood.

Late last year, my groupmates and I had our presentation at school. While we're waiting for class to start, we ordered a seafood pizza from Yellow Cab. A few minutes after consuming a slice, I could feel my lips swelling. As in swelling! I stopped eating and drank lots of water and spread vaseline lip therapy on my lips. I was hoping that my classmates would not notice my lips while presenting and would just think that it's lipstick.

After that episode, I avoided yellowcab's seafood pizza and started experimenting on shrimp. I found out that I'm allergic to "non-fresh" shrimp. Fresh shrimp are ok with me.

I also accidentally discovered that I'm allergic to certain kinds of lipsticks.

I was saddened by this realization because I love make-up, even if I rarely wear them. Everytime a relative comes home from abroad, I always ask for make-up. Last Christmas, a couple of friends gave me lipsticks as gifts (Clinique and Avon).

Last month, I bought a tube of lip gloss from In2it. I've been using this specific brand for quite some time and I'm very happy with the results. Weirdly though, my lips started swelling after using the lip gloss. I thought it was just a fluke so I used it again last Friday, and with the same results. I'm still soothing my lips with Vaseline up to now.

This is all frustrating because I can't eat what I usually ate, nor could I just use make-up as freely as I did before.

It's easy dealing with food allergies, but it will be difficult with regards to make-up. I have to find out the components of the lip gloss and do some comparisons. I'm going to buy a tube of lipstick from VMV (noted hypoallergenic brand) later and see whether I'm ok with it. Or maybe I can try Bodyshop. I have an important interview on Wednesday and I need to look my best (and that involves make-up!).

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