Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Bought a whole "kaing" of mangoes from an officemate. ("kaing" is equivalent to 20 kilos).

I could not help but buy that much. I'm a sucker for mangoes. I absolutely love mangoes. Smelling the scent of mango brings me such wonderful memories.

We had this mango tree at our house in BF. I would remember the times when we would climb the tree bringing with us a peeling knife and some soy sauce and salt. We would stay on the roof and eat our picked green mangoes there. Yum yum!

We have this uncle hailing from Marinduque. The first time that the whole clan went there for the Moriones Festival, we raided their indian mango tree. Some of my relatives would eat the mango, fresh from the tree--skin and all.

When we were kids, our parents would send us off to Batangas to spend the summer with my grandparents and other cousins. I remember times when we would rent a movie and eat green mangoes while doing so.

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