Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Old Friends

The world is a small place indeed.

I've been "accidentally" meeting old friends and acquaintances from my yesteryears. For the past 2 months, I've met 3 or so friends, although some meetings have been embarassing.

Acquaintance #1
Leo and I were browsing through the tiangge at Alabang last December. Somebody called his name and it was his old high school batchmate. He introduced me to her and she looked at me and asked, "Sunshine David from St. Scho?" I just looked at her blankly and for the life of me, could not place her face or the name that she gave. It turns out that we were batchmtes in grade school and she transferred to Zobel upon reaching high school.

Acquaintance #2
I received a friendster message from an MBA classmate. She asked me if I were from St Scho and what I was doing in the SSC92 batch friend of friendster? It turns out that we're also from the same high school batch albeit we never became classmates. Funny since we're seatmates and we've been talking for quite some time already yet we never placed each other's faces.

Acquaintance #3
Also courtesy of friendster. An old college friend "friendstered" me and we started chatting in YM. It turns out that we also became batchmates in gradeschool/highschool and we even became classmates in college! Small small world!

Unfortunately, there's no way for me to verify the faces of these people since my gradeschool yearbook has gone missing and my highschool yearbook is with a friend (which I hope he would return soon...[[parinig]]).

I guess these incidents show that my grade school and high school years were not that memorable, or they were traumatic for me.

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