Saturday, February 12, 2005

Funny and Early Valentine

Valentine's came early for me.

My boyfriend sent me flowers 3 days early. I don't know if he wanted to make a statement, but he sure did get everyone's attention at work when he sent me the roses.

They were so beautiful when they first arrived. I have never received a boquet of RED roses before. The roses that I have received before were either white or peach but never red. Nevertheless, those two dozen roses were beautiful, moreover when the buds had dew on them when I took them out of the plastic. Good thing nobody else read the card (everyone surmised that the flowers came from Leo) because there was no sender indicated on the card (does "Anonymous" count?). Since I know nobody else in his right mind would send me flowers, I immediately called Leo up and thanked him.

Here's me at my workstation with my roses.

Since he gave me flowers early, I gave him my gift as well. I got him a polo shirt from Celio. I noticed that he has been eyeing that shirt for quite some time. I hurried off to Greenbelt 3 on my lunch break and after so much dithering, bought the polo which hopefully was his size.

Anyway, we're going to celebrate either Saturday or Sunday. I don't know what his plans are but he said he has another present for me. I don't want to hope but well, I'll just condition myself to think that it's some kind of electronic thingee or probably something else. Ay wait, maybe it's that trinket that I showed him at Market Market! sometime ago. Ongano. Durn. Oh well, so much for that ever elusive proposal. But hey, I'm happy with the flowers.

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