Sunday, February 13, 2005

My Valentine's Celebration

It's been quite a weekend.

After our gruelling Prodman midterms yesterday, Leo and I proceeded to Alabang where we had dinner with his family at Vivere. Vivere is this rooftop restaurant where you can see a nice view of Laguna de Bay. It's really nice if not for the cold. There are also hotel rooms available in the building. Unfortunately, I can't say much for the food. It's nothing exemplary. If you're going there, just go for the view and not for the food.

This morning, we drove to Tagaytay where we had lunch at Sonya's garden. It's an out of the way place but people still flock to that restaurant. They're known for their organic food. They serve a fixed meal of salad, bread and pasta. They grow or make everything that they serve. The food is really delicious. Worth the travel.

Before leaving their house, Leo gave me my Valentine's gift. It's a white gold necklace as shown below:

I gave him a shirt from Celio.

Over-all, it's been a good Valentine's albeit a bit early. We're still going to meet tomorrow although to study for our Accounting midterms. We don't intend to go out and join the throngs of dating people. We're not really fond of crowds.


Norrie Blackeby said...

Treasure it and always remember this time of your lives.

rmacapobre said...

bon saint valentin!