Saturday, January 25, 2014

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The saying above best describes my week. It came to a point that I could not sleep as I did not know what path to take. In the end, I think I chose a path that was safe -- as in, not-rocking-the-boat safe. I would've argued further but I chose not too and I'm ashamed to admit that to myself.

When I shared my concern to the appropriate person and he validated my decision, it still did not feel right. Even if my actions were vetted by those concerned, I still can't help but feel bothered.

I would want to think that all of these things happened for a reason. I do know that my God will help me through this and will provide me discernment. I just hope that I can move on from this and I won't become jaded in the process. And I also hope that I will not lose my sense of self.

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