Thursday, January 09, 2014


In one of my previous employers, employee engagement is a big thing. We would hold surveys and plannings to ensure that our people are happy and inspired with what they do. I was able to carry this and use it in my current job.

Ever since I came in, I tried to encourage and inspire people in what they do. Granted that our department has one of the most boring tasks ever, I try to make it fun for my people.

So far, we've had awardings, birthday lunches, outings and parties. Probably one of the best is the lunches as I get to interact and talk with my staff. I'm planning to introduce other activities such as having a newsletter which everyone can read and share. I've been sending out teasers about it and people have been wondering what it's about. Hopefully, I can hype it up so they can really enjoy what we'll come up with.

It's so hard when there's no budget to do all these engagement stuff. I just hope I can influence and encourage my people enough for them to be able to do their best.

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