Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ice Ice, Baby!

I've heard a lot about this animation by Disney that I bugged my husband for us to watch it. When we were able to do so, the first few minutes into the movie made me clap with glee. The little girl in me really let it go.

I grew up watching Disney cartoons. I could still remember the years when they came out with Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin one after the other and they featured the best songs from the Disney catalog ever. This movie, for the first time in forever, made me sing Disney songs once again. In fact, I've already downloaded from Itunes the whole album and have played the songs repeatedly that it has bordered to annoying (for my cubicle-mates that is).

The clip above is from the Let It Go sequence which left me amazed and impressed. Too bad we weren't watching in Imax because this would've been awesome in a very large screen.

This other clip which features another great song from the movie, For the First Time in Forever made me want to cry afterwards. The soaring ending and the pure voice of Kristen Bell really killed it.

Though I have a minor issue about the story (Anna basically grew up alone so why is she suddenly looking for "The One". I would want to think that she might be a bit dysfunctional in the romance department considering her limited interaction with the opposite sex), it did not deter me from enjoying this movie. I'm suddenly a little girl again and I so welcome the feeling.

It's interesting to note that the composer behind these wonderful songs is the same one that did Book of Mormon and Avenue Q (which both won Best Musical at the Tony's--2011 and 2004 respectively), Robert Lopez. And the guy who voiced Olaf the Snowman is none other but Josh Gad -- who played Andrew Cunningham in The Book of Mormon.

For those who wants to feel young and good again, go watch "Frozen". Not like the title, you'll feel warm all over afterwards.

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