Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I'm still cringing whenever I read my previous post. I remember when I was drafting it yesterday, I wanted to slam my laptop screen but I don't think my husband would appreciate me ruining his Christmas gift. :) Since nobody reads my blog anyway, I opted to post it and will just edit it again when I have the time.

I blame my poor writing skills last night to a very draining and tiring day. I was at a telecon with an foreign vendor for 3 hours straight and I was the translator of the group. Though everyone speaks English, my colleagues wants me to translate for them (funny. Communicator is not one of my 5 top strengths). We were going through more than 60 pages of documents and it's so difficult to explain what we wanted to happen due to the language barrier. I can't help but wonder how I survived this when I used to work in a foreign bank before. Back then, I would converse with my expat bosses and even our international counterparts without too much effort. I guess I must be out of practice.

Today was no different. I started the day literally running (I was printing confidential documents so everytime I would print one file, I would run to the printer and pick it up before anyone else can get it) and was only able to pause for a breath at lunch time. My friend and I decided to go to Market! Market! for lunch to de-stress. However, when I got back, I had to chase my boss as I needed his input for a meeting that I attended in Makati this afternoon. Then, I had to go back to the office after the meeting which ended around 6PM as I had to send out a report that was due today. I was only able to leave the office almost 8PM and would only sigh when I saw the traffic at SLEX. Now here I am, writing this blog post and procrastinating when I should be doing my midterms for my class this Saturday.

I have to prepare myself for tomorrow as I foresee another tough day ahead. I will again have another meeting the WHOLE day with another vendor. I can't recall being this busy and this stressed since I joined the company. I hope these are signs of good things ahead.

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