Wednesday, January 08, 2014


It's so hard to find someone to carpool with going to work. I have no choice but to bring my car to work because it's so difficult to commute. Not like when I used to hold office in Makati, it's just one shuttle ride to and from work. But now, I have to ride 2 buses to get to my office and it's not exactly the most comfortable (or safest) ride.

Good thing that a former carpool-mate kept me in mind when she moved offices to The Fort. Tonight was the first time I saw her again after a couple of years. I enjoyed the company as it's only me and my music that's been keeping me company on the long drive home. Talking with someone kept me entertained and helped me unwind.

Unfortunately, our schedules are hard to mesh but hopefully, she can ride with me again. I so enjoyed the company.

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