Friday, January 03, 2014

Road Trip - City Style

I always look forward to 530 as I get to go home to my family. My 30 minute drive in the morning turns to almost an hour in the evening as I go with the rush hour. I try not to schedule anything after work as I really want to get home and be with my husband and son.

This evening, I was looking forward to going home on time when my sister in the US reminded me that I need to bring her paintings to her friend who's leaving to return to the US on Monday. As I did not want to go anywhere this weekend, I resolved to do the errands tonight.

Thank God that traffic is still light as most people are still on vacation as well as the kids. I had to pick up the paintings at San Antonio Village at Makati first. As per advise of a colleague, I took Buendia from The Fort and then Jupiter. I made it to my dad's house under 30 minutes. Not bad considering that it's Makati.

I then consulted Google Maps and it took time before I found the address where I was supposed to deliver the paintings. I then pointed my car to where my phone was directing me and was able to find the place in Merville also in 30 minutes.

On a side note, I also got my own painting--that's the one on the left. It's by Edmund Mamuyac and his ink is coffee with water. Quite extraodinary.

All in all, I drove from 530PM to 8PM. Not bad on a Friday night. I look forward to just chilling at home this weekend as it will be all systems go next week when everyone gets back from their vacation. If the rest of the year will be like what the past 2 days has been like, my batteries would really need to recharge (or maybe my crankiness is due to my diet. Haaaay).

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